How to Renew Your Outdated Kitchen with Paint

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For a quick, easy, and cheaper home upgrade, nothing can compare a fresh new coat of paint. By picking the right paint scheme, you can make tiny spaces look bigger, comfier, or more contemporary. Especially with old and outdated kitchen, paint gives a fresh new look on the worn-out space. Whether you are considering of starting a large-scale or small-brush projects, make use of paint to turn your outdated kitchen into a welcoming contemporary family space.

Renew Your Outdated Kitchen with PaintEnlarging Space

One of the features differentiating old kitchens from new is their spaciousness. Even when the proportions are not that big, modern kitchen style centers on filling space with air and light. Pale colors such as white are excellent light reflectors and space enlargers. The lightest hues of beige, green or yellow may make any rooms appear even bigger than solid white because they convey the bleaching effects of bright light. Applied in monotone, as a finish for walls as well as cupboards, white and pale colors conceal visible outlines that may make a kitchen look confined.

Redefining Space

Contrasting color patterns define spaces more visibly than monotone ones, but they are also very effective at altering perceptions of space and shapes. Painting base cupboards, a dark color and overhead cupboards a light one, for instance, creates large and endless sweeps of color in a small kitchen. Selecting a color such as gray or even black can conceal the blocky outlines of under counter appliances such as the conventional oven. Using a dim red, green or blue on base cupboards makes pale colored overhead cupboards and walls seem visually lighter. Using a light color above counters and a dark one below can make the ceiling look higher, especially if cupboards and walls have a matching color.

Strong Colors

While there is a risk of bringing walls seemingly closer, a solid color on walls, cupboards or both can bring vibrancy to a gloomy kitchen. Keep bold colors in the food family to add warmth to the space: sage greens, butter-yellow, pumpkin orange, and varying shades of brown are particularly effective in larger kitchens. Contrast with off-whites on ceiling surfaces and cabinets. Add fullness to the look by including freestanding work islands or storage cabinets in the colored surfaces. For a cooler visual, muted blues and extensive grays give substance to cabinet or walls.

Accent Colors

For small kitchens, large ranges of color can make the space look restricted, but this doesn’t mean everything must be monotonously white or pale color. If cabinets have glass doors, the inside can be a perfect place to use an accent color, as are the back walls of open shelves or alcoves. Choose several colors or several hues of the same color, to turn dull flat-front cupboard doors into a diverting and vibrant patchwork. Use primary colors or bold food-y colors such as eggplant purple, cherry red or orange as a single accent against a contemporary monotone. A dark wood and white pattern liven up by a persimmon-colored hanging light, a row of canary canisters, or royal-blue toaster signals renewed atmosphere for an old style and gives an old kitchen a new lease of life.

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