Best Paint Colors for Kids’ Bedroom

As children grow up, their perceptions about their favorite colors change more often. The question, therefore, remains, how should a parent make a decision concerning their kid’s bedroom paint? A soft blue color tends to be the perfect color for such a room. However, as the children grow up, they may consider the same colors they loved before to be very childish. In that case, one may opt to go for colors that would advance with your kid’s age. You may at one point or the other change one or two accessories just to eliminate monotony of the colors.

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Even though your children may not have appealing ideas as to the type of paint color they want in their room, try as much as possible to let them have a say in it. By so doing, they get a sense of belonging to the family as well as ownership of the room. Such an allowance guarantees you proper stewardship regarding looking after the room and keeping it clean.

In some cases, the kids may choose bold colors that may vanquish the room, when this situation occurs you need to use the colors on items and furniture in the room such as on one wall, as a border, or as the backing to a bookshelf. Painting trim and ceilings are also not off-limits; these do not have to be white.

Before one settles on the color to use in the kids bedroom he or she needs to carry out research on several favorite paint projects for perky ideas that won’t go out of style which are:

Cool Gray
Cool Gray has for many years been used in living rooms and kitchens since there was a perception that the gray color was dreary for child’s room but slowly the perception is fading away since a well-chosen gray sets out a perfect place for safekeeping of toys and artwork.

Bold Red
One must not use the red color to paint every room in the house, however; it brings out a unique impression and fun in the kid’s room. You can use the color on accent walls in simulating fire engines to give a brighter look on reading nook or homework area. You can also compliment it with white or wood floors and furniture to give it a warm and inviting look.

Cobalt Blue
Most of the boys prefer blue color to other colors in their rooms but nowadays the blue color has grown popular for girls too. When it comes to using the color in kid’s room, you need to consider something darker such as cobalt or navy blue rather than pale or turquoise blue. These bold blue colors give a room a classic look and provide a striking contrast to bright tones. Never the less the walls will never show muddy fingerprints.

Citron Yellow
Citron yellow is a dark lemon color similar to that of the fruit citron mixed with yellow paint. When using this color in kid’s bedroom in brings out a cheery impression in early shining mornings and one can pair with other warm colors and white to create a vibrant, energetic mood.

Electric Green
This color gives the impression of both lime and leaf greens, which gives out a perfect combination and the painter, must ensure it does lead to a too neon shade of green, since it can be both soothing and upbeat which works well for any age or gender. One must look for a bright tone rather than a dark forest green, which can read as somber.

Hot Pink
Hot pink often portrays a pastel, sweet and classic version in a girls’ room. However, to achieve a long lasting power, try a fuchsia – a vivid pink with a tinge of blue you can also pair it with black, gray, or white for a hangout that is both super fun and sophisticated.

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