The Right Way to Apply Metallic Interior Paint on Your Walls

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When it rolls down to interior paint, finding the perfect color is the greatest challenge even though the good finish equally plays a role in the appearance of the room. Metallic interior paint conveys a shiny finish that adds a striking look to any surface in your home. However, applying it properly is key. You may pick from many different applications for metallic paint, therefore, consider the room and overall design style to identify the best option.

Metallic Interior PaintAll-Over Color

With a shiny finish, metallic paint enables your walls to reflect light, making space appear bigger and brighter. Applying metallic interior paint in a small dark room as the all-over color is a great way of making it feel larger and brighter. Choose a lighter metallic shade like silver, gold, or taupe, to boost the effect. Nonetheless, if you plan on using metallic paint all over, every wall in your home must be in good shape, as the reflective finish would show every dent or scratch and imperfection on the surfaces.


At times, painting the whole room with metallic paint may be too much; thus, the need for applying it as an accent. Choose one wall that you want to give emphasis to in your room, and stain with metallic paint. It may be around your fireplace or an art display area. For the bedroom, the wall surface behind your bed is a striking accent wall. A metallic finish will make the entire wall stand out. On the other hand, if you need a bold look, pick a shade that contrasts with the room. For a subtler look, choose a metallic paint shade that is from the same family as the color on the other walls. Whether you are finishing the whole room or a suitable accent wall, Metallic Paints can aid you to create a distinctive look, setting them apart from the rest!


You do not need to cover the entire wall with metallic interior paint to make an impact on your surface. Instead, apply metallic paint as a border around the space for a metallic look. You may understate the design simply by painting metallic stripes along the top edges of the walls. However, you may need to add a border at the base and midpoints of the walls for more light in the room. Metallic paint may also highlight decorative trim and molding, bringing attention to architectural areas of interest.


Because of a beautiful, reflective finishing, metallic interior paint packs an ornamental punch, using it sparingly offers an even greater impact. Consider the application of metallic paint as part of a design or pattern to make an accent wall, or give the whole room a faux-wallpaper effect. Instead of using custom interior paint with wall stencils, use metallic finishing over a dark wall color like black, navy or chocolate brown to develop an eye-catching pattern. For a more stunning look, apply a shade of metallic gold paint with a damask stencil pattern to come up with a gilded design that is sure to turn heads.



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